A bowl of matcha

Preparing macha was an important occasion in Japan, called Chado, also known as the Japanese tea ceremony. The ceremony added a spiritual side to drinking macha, since it was known to give monks energy and calmness during their long meditations.

To prepare a good bowl of traditional macha in your home you need:

  • uVernal macha powder
  • a macha bowl
  • a whisk (preferably bamboo)
  • a spoon (or traditional bamboo utensils)

Heat your water to 175 degrees, not more, or your machawill taste bitter. If you overheat the water and it begins to boil, you should let it cool first before using it. One or one and a half tea spoons of macha are usually ideal for a single portion. You can adjust the amount to your taste once you are familiar with it.

Put the measured tea powder into the macha bowl.

Add water to the powder and start whisking it immediately until the powder dissolves in the water. A light foam should form on the surface of your macha as you whisk. When you are pleased with the consistency, drink your macha.

It will taste sweet, complex and delicious!